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International Road Haulage

We dispose of free loading capacities for your road transport anywhere in Europe.

The Europe-wide road haulage is organized from our head-office in Brno. Your carload freight road haulage is efficiently safeguarded by experienced dispatchers who respond immediately and agree with your customer from anywhere in Europe. Communication with us is swift. The degree of responsibility of our personal attitude and flexible work engagement assures you smooth haulage in all its phases.

Road freight haulage is currently among the fastest developing and most wide-spread means of transport. Carriage by road can compete with carriage by rail and frequently even with air transport thanks to its accessibility, flexibility and last but not least its speed. Thanks to its flexibility, road haulage minimizes idle times and it is capable of responding to changing requirements during the transit.

Basic terms:
Truck unit is a separate towing vehicle equipped with a coupling gear.

Semi-trailer is a towed unpowered vehicle in which the major part of the total weight becomes transferred to the semi-trailer truck unit. Semi-trailers are used in road freight transport because they provide large loading surface and high trailer load. By coupling the semi-trailer with the truck unit a vehicle train is formed.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable way of delivering your consignment to the specific destination. Please call the customer service at +420 775 555 568.

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