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Consignment Insurance

With the goodsped Insurance your consignment is always safe.

Carrier liability insurance applies to each transported shipment in accordance with the CMR Convention. Our contract carriers dispose of carrier liability insurance which relates to all internationally transported shipments up to the limits laid down by the conventions for international transport.
With our firm you additionally receive forwarder liability insurance up to the amount of CZK10,000,000. Insurance certificate [PDF, 302 kB]

We also insure consignments beyond the scope of the international conventions.

You can take out a consignment forwarding insurance which significantly increases the certainty at all types of carriage and which does not have any limits imposed for liability for damage as is the case with the international conventions (e.g. the CMR). Within the scope of these conventions, the carrier or the forwarder settles the claims only to a certain amount and is liable only for part of the damages that can be incurred during carriage. Consignment insurance for carriage can be taken out for all hazards and risks, including consequences of force majeure, strikes etc. or with a limited coverage by territory, means of transport and nature of goods.

It is easy, insurance for individual shipment can be notified to goodsped only 24 hours prior to loading.

Application for individual consignment insurance according to the general contract Czech version [XLS, 707kB]

Basic terms:

CMR Convention is a convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road which is a unified adaptation of the terms of the contract of carriage in the international carriage of goods by road, chiefly with regards to carrier liability and transport documents used in this type of carriage.

To order and to receive further information on the terms of insurance for consignments please contact your sales representative. Your questions can be also directed to the customer service at +420 775 555 568.

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