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Containers - Road Carriage

We transport containers by road all over Europe. We arrange all container types for your road transport: traditional High Cube containers 20´, 40´, 45´ (feet) long.

We organize container carriage by road from all important European ports.

In all important European traffic junctions – such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp – we dispose of well-established trade relations.

The following form a natural part of our container road haulage services:

  • Container release in the port
  • Returning the container to the depot
  • Complete documentation
  • Transit customs clearance
  • Customs guarantee
  • Carriage of sensitive and dangerous goods under the ADR regime

Basic terms:

Container is a standardized transport unit used for intermodal transport, namely including shipping and overland transport by rail and by road. It is in fact a large, firm and enclosed case technically adapted for stacking into several layers. In terms of technical regulations, it is a precisely standardized and uniform object.

There are five common fixed lengths of containers: 20 feet (6.1m), 40 feet (12.2m), 45 feet (13.7m), 48 feet (14.6m) and 53 feet (16.2m). While in the United States the most commonly used container lengths in the railway and road transports are 48 and 53 feet, the other lengths are in use in the carriage by sea and in the European overland transport.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable means of transport for your consignment and the concrete destination. Please call the customer service at +420 775 555 568.

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